The environmental education program is key to generating awareness in people for the conservation of natural resources.

Corporate Volunteering with wild animals

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Many companies involved in the restoration of nature come to NATUWA to plant trees and work with animals.

Corporate volunteering with wildlife occurs in the companies most committed to the environment and the restoration of nature.

Costa Rica preserves a great diversity in both plants and animals. Natural resources are constantly threatened by urban planning, hunting, agriculture, and many more human-related factors (anthropogenic factors). For this reason, many companies are committed to the care of the environment by carrying out ecological practices within their facilities.
In order to preserve the Natural Capital of Costa Rica, many companies carry out activities that foster a green culture among their employees. In addition, recycling, proper management of wastewater, use of biodegradable products, among others are environmentally friendly initiatives that they carry out. Also, through corporate volunteering with wild animals.

Opportunities for business volunteers

Corporate volunteering with wildlife

NATUWA Wildlife Sanctuary is a leading voice for wildlife and nature. This is how, for more than 24 years, we have worked to protect, preserve and restore some of Costa Rica’s most emblematic habitats and species. With the desire to preserve the Natural Capital for future Costa Rican generations.

The actions of corporate volunteering with wild animals play an important role in our ecological restoration work. Every year, dozens of volunteers from companies around the country help wildlife and ecological restoration. They carry out activities in NATUWA by planting trees, rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing those animals that have the possibility of returning to their natural environments. And to those who do not, providing all the necessary attention so that they live with dignity in the sanctuary.

In addition, these companies committed to nature and their teams of Corporate Volunteers will partner with our staff and International Volunteers to carry out environmental enrichment activities with jaguars, tapirs, sloths, macaws, monkeys, and other animals species.

Corporate volunteering with wildlife

Corporate Volunteering with wildlife

Enriching human perception about nature by reconnecting today’s people outdoors, on the paths of the Sanctuary is where educators and students learn how to support local wildlife. The NATUWA trails are true wildlife habitats turned into outdoor classrooms where volunteers learn about species and ecosystems of Costa Rica, improve their academic skills, and nurture their innate curiosity and creativity.

For more information about our Volunteer Program please follow this link (here!)

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Celebration of World Environment Day

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Educación Ambiental

Happy World Environment Day!!

We started this morning celebrating together with the girls and boys of the Villa Brucelas School of Circuit 02, Pitahaya, Puntarenas, the World Environment Day!!.

We learned today, that ideally, when visiting a wildlife animal center, is to learn about the species that the center houses and the practices that help to conserve animals in their natural environment. This does NOT include: touching, talking, caressing or feeding the center’s animals. Above all, we learned that interaction with wild animals in these types of places is an inadequate use of biodiversity and promotes the extraction of many organisms from their natural habitats.

Special thanks: Director Cinthia Cascante Campos. Thank you for allowing so many children to participate in Environmental Education activities today, at NATUWA.

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Tepescuintle Cuniculus paca

Officials of SINAC of the Carara National Park enter into the NATUWA Sanctuary a tepezcuintle (Cuniculus paca) female.

This was rescued from the hands of the hunters, was ready to be sold to the highest bidder to be used as food. The rodent has an injury on one of its hind legs and is being evaluated to rule out a possible fracture, waiting for x-rays.

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Cotorra (Amazona albifrons)

A juvenile of Cotorra (Amazona albifrons) entered the sanctuary of NATUWA parrots. This one was found by a person in the Center of Puntarenas and taken to the Coast Guard, the same one transferred it to the Sanctuary where it will receive the attention necessary to be released.
It has the feathers of the wings cut, presents a very wild behavior, is not domesticated, which increases the possibilities of being able to integrate back to its natural environment, from which it never had to be extracted.


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Northern Crested Caracara Caracara cheriway

NATUWA Sanctuary welcomed a Northern Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway), who has an injury to his right wing and can not fly. SINAC officials came to help the bird, after someone reported seeing the bird in the vicinity of the road on the bridge of Puntarenas Canyon.

The bird has a high chance of being released and hopefully you will soon start his flight after a rehabilitation process in the Sanctuary NATUWA.

Update: The caracara was liberated on 22/05/16


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Dental check-up and cleaning for the Jaguars

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Veterinario Randall Arguedas, trabajando con los jaguares.


A special thank you to Dr. Veterinarian Randall Arguedas and his team as they conducted an annual clinical check for the three Jaguars living in the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA.

The management procedure was adequate, causing minimal stress to the three animals. Blood samples were taken for different analysis – kidney, cholesterol, etc. – And the dental cleaning was performed. Some samples were sent to the University of Costa Rica to perform genetic tests. According to Dr. Arguedas, the Jaguars are all in good health.

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Today the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA welcomed four red-cockaded parrots (Amazona autumnalis) and two black pompadour (Amazona farinosa). These six birds came from the Osa Peninsula. SINAC officials from the Osa Conservation Area (ACOSA) made the delivery.

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Senior Citizens visit NATUWA

Here in NATUWA, we had the pleasure of enjoying a trail tour from a group of friendly, elderly people from Esparza de Puntarenas.

The ladies and gentlemen were amazed to see the colorful macaws and to be in the presence of the imposing JAGUAR.

“You know that animal?” Asks the headmistress.

“Of course!! Is El Tigre !!!”, they responded with great admiration.

“We experienced a nice day…”


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Our great friend, Jason Mejía of the United States, recently traveled here for one week to develop a mural about the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA.

He left us inspired and amazed by his beautiful work. The morphological analysis that he applied was very real. We are very appreciative of Jason!!!

You may visit his website at

Thank you, Jason !!!!!!!

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