Life in the sanctuary:
A realm of natural wonders.

Your visit is crucial for the well-being of the animals at Natuwa Sanctuary.
With your monetary contribution, more than 500 rescued animals receive specialized care from volunteers, biologists, and veterinarians. 

Additionally, you contribute to the livelihood of families responsible for their care, generating a positive impact in the local community. Thanks to your support, wild animals receive the necessary care for their recovery and protection.

"NATUWA Sanctuary Animals: Protecting and Preserving Costa Rican Native Wildlife and Non-Native Species."

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wildlife that has found refuge in NATUWA. For over 25 years, our wildlife management sanctuary has provided protection and care to numerous animals.

Once rehabilitated, many of these animals have returned to their natural environment, while those who couldn’t have enjoyed an exceptional space in NATUWA, where their health, well-being, and freedom from diseases, hunger, thirst, pain, and fear are guaranteed. Your visit to our facilities is a valuable contribution to make this possible.

Meet the animals of the sanctuary and make your reservation by calling (506) 8644-4666.

Updated: 30/07/23