Ecotourism Program at Enchanting Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary: Discover the Magic of Costa Rica's Wildlife

Welcome to the Ecotourism Program at Natuwa Sanctuary! Experience the breathtaking beauty and diverse wildlife of Costa Rica while supporting the conservation of endangered species.

Our immersive tour will guide you through the verdant trails and observation stations, allowing you to marvel at and learn about the most iconic species of the Neotropics.

Discover the Importance of Wildlife and Their Role in the Ecosystem

Natuwa’s Ecotourism Program offers an enriching hike where we address the theme “Wild animals maintain healthy forests and collaborate with human health.”

The wealth of fauna and flora that inhabits the sanctuary is essential to maintain ecological balance and ensure the survival of various species, including plants and animals.

You will learn about the interdependence between living beings and how each plays an essential role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem well-being.

Our guests engaged and entertained with our diverse array of activities.

A Journey Amidst Exotic Costa Rican Wildlife

At Natuwa, you will enjoy a unique experience of closely observing species such as jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, exotic macaws, scarlet macaws, and other wonders of the Neotropics.

Recorrido guiado en NATUWA
Aldutos mayores de visita por NATUWA
Visita de un grupo de adultos mayores de Miramar, Puntarenas.

Our expert guides will accompany you during the tour and provide valuable information about the importance of these species in nature. You will learn surprising details about their behavior, feeding habits, and how they thrive in their natural habitat.

Committed to Conservation and Respect for Wildlife

Natuwa promotes responsible ecotourism practices.

Before entering the sanctuary, you will receive an explanation of the rules and their importance in minimizing animal stress. Respect and non-interference with wildlife are fundamental to maintaining their well-being and preserving their natural habitat.

Our guides, trained in ecological topics, will provide information to help you understand the relevance of their conservation and how your visit supports initiatives for the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of endangered species.

Ecoturismo en NATUWA, Santuario de animales silvestres.

Ecological Trails: An Enchanting Family Adventure

During the hike, you will explore our ecological trails, home to red macaws, congo monkeys, sloths, and a rich local biodiversity. 

The trail has a length of 1350 meters and is easily accessible for people of all ages. It is strategically designed to be completed in almost two hours, allowing the ecological succession to follow its natural course. As you walk, you will be amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds you, with ash trees, guanacastes, and other species that provide life and shelter to a wide variety of living beings.

Contributing to Local Communities and Wildlife Protection

Natuwa’s Ecotourism Program allows you to enjoy nature and contributes to developing communities surrounding the sanctuary. 

We generate economic resources for families in the Aranjuez community, preventing violations of wildlife conservation laws. By keeping these beautiful species in the wild, we attract tourists to the community and support rural tourism, promoting the region’s local economy and environmental awareness.

Get Ready for Your Visit to Natuwa

Before traveling to Natuwa, we recommend bringing insect repellent, sunscreen, a water bottle, lightweight shoes, and long pants. With these precautions, you will be ready to enjoy an unforgettable natural experience.

Experience the wonders of Costa Rica’s wildlife by joining our Ecotourism Program at Natuwa Sanctuary! We warmly welcome you to reserve your tour and contribute to conserving our precious species and natural resources. Our unique adventure will take you to the heart of Costa Rican biodiversity. We can’t wait to share this unforgettable journey with you!


Before entering, the visitor receives a brief explanation about the rules and their importance:

and so on.
This is done in order to minimize stress that the animals could suffer in the presence of humans. Additionally, it provides visitors with information about wildlife to help understand their importance and function in nature, as well as how to conserve them.

Recommendations before traveling to Natuwa:

– Bring bug spray
– Sunscreen
– Water bottle
– Lightweight shoes
– Long pants

Map to tour the Sanctuary


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