Frequence asking questions

1. What type of work activities are volunteers expected to do?

Enclosures, feeding the animals, maintenance, cleaning the trails, assisting in taking care of neonates, and cooperating in educate the visitor (You can accept tips from them!!).

2. How can I get there?

We have to ways: In public transportation as fallow: Go to San Jose in a taxi from the airport to the bus station 7-10. Take a bus to Guanacaste, before getting into the van, ask the driver to drop you off in the “Restaurante Caballo Blanco.” Once you are there, take a taxi to NATUWA or communicate at this number 506

3. How long does it take to NATUWA from the airport? 

NATUWA is about 1.5 hours from the airport.

4. What should I bring?

I recommend you to bring many things but just the necessary. No mosquito net, you can find one here in Costa Rica. Mosquito repellent is a great idea (Only with no deet). Also, bring a hat, shoes to hike would be amazing. Antibiotic for your skin in case an infection would be great too.! Lots of sunblock…big battle. Sunglasses, bikini. For more information on what to bring to Costa Rica, visit our web site. Here

5. Do I need to know Spanish?

No,  in NATUWA, speak eanglish and we always have volunteers making use of another leguajes biside Spanish and Eanglish.

6. Are there dangerous animals on the property?

Jaguar are very beautiful animals, but they are not to play with. If you don’t touch them or another creature without the directions of your leader everything is going to be fine.

7. Which currency used in Costa Rica? Do I have to change my money before?

8. What can I do in my free time?

9. What kind of weather will I find in Costa Rica?

10. Are there phones and or internet services I can use? 

11. Is there a laundry facility available? 

12. What will I eat? What if I have dietary restrictions? 

13. Can I do an internship at the sanctuary? 

Yes!!! We are always needing responsible people. If you want to spend a minimum of 3 months with us, working with volunteers and helping us to recover the animals. We can offer you the opportunity to stay with us for a minimum time of 3 months. We will give you accommodation and food for your volunteering time.

14. What are the forms of public transport available in the area?

15. How much money will I need for activities/transport?

16. How can I pay for the services? 

Easy!! Credit card or cash. We will ask you for 20% advice to make the reservation and safe a spot for you. You can use pay pal and the rest of the payment you can have it done once you arrive at NATUWA.

17. What days of the week can I arrive? OR Is there a particular day of the week that I have to come? 

For us, it is much better to receive you from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. But we understand there are many delays with the flights. Then we can solve together your arrival time.

18. Is there anything that the sanctuary can use that I can bring with me?

Yes, there are many things very useful for animals you can bring with you. Please check the “List of animals things you can bring with you “. Here!!

19. Can I hold a macaw or any other wildlife?

No, according to Costa Ricas laws, it is completely forbidden to domesticate animals. In NATUWA we promote good uses of our naturals resources and the animals deserve respect and they deserve to share their life with their own kind.

20. Is there a Hospital, Bank, Supermarket close to the center?

Yes, like 20mis ago in the car.

21. Where are you located?

22. Is there internet access?

Yes, always. But, some times for situations out of our control the companies cant give us the internet service.

23. How is a typical day in NATUWA?

Click here

24. What kind of vaccination do I need before arriving?

Animal rescue in NATUWA