Wild animals that have suffered road accidents or any other accident, enter the wild animal management center to be rehabilitated and released later.

Cotorra (Amazona albifrons)

A juvenile of Cotorra (Amazona albifrons) entered the sanctuary of NATUWA parrots. This one was found by a person in the Center of Puntarenas and taken to the Coast Guard, the same one transferred it to the Sanctuary where it will receive the attention necessary to be released.
It has the feathers of the wings cut, presents a very wild behavior, is not domesticated, which increases the possibilities of being able to integrate back to its natural environment, from which it never had to be extracted.


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Racoon ( Procyon Procyon )

A Raccoon was brought to the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA by the Puntarenas security forces.

The animal was tied with a leash around its neck. Its captors did not perceive that the leash was causing harm, when in fact it produced very deep wounds.

The raccoon will be released as soon as its wounds heal. A raccoon can present very aggressive behavior toward humans, for obvious reasons.


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Coyote pups ( Canis latrans )

Coyote pups ( Canis latrans)

Two coyote cubs were orphaned after a farmer killed their mother because it hunted their pets – chickens, goats and sheep.

With just a few days old, their eyes were closed. These two female and male puppies entered the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA by SINAC workers.

Their future is uncertain. It is unlikely there will be the possibility that they can be released, since they will be raised in captivity and with a loss of fear of humans.

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