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White faced monkey rescue

The white-faced monkey as a pet in Costa Rica: Lessons in conservation and animal welfare. The white-faced capuchin monkey (Cebus emitator), a symbolic species of

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¿What does natuwa mean?

The meaning of the word Natuwa   El significado de la palabra natuwa es de origen Chorotega! Los Chorotegas fueron una antigua población de humanos

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Ecological restauration

World turtle day

World turtle day World turtle day celebrates one of the oldest organisms on the planet, which can be found on land and in water. Among

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Recorrido guiado en NATUWA
Environmental education

Celebration of World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day!! We started this morning celebrating together with the girls and boys of the Villa Brucelas School of Circuit 02, Pitahaya, Puntarenas,

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