Rescue and Rehabilitation of an Injured Paca in the Natuwa Sanctuary

The Mission of SINAC and the Threats to Wildlife

The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) plays a crucial role in protecting the biodiversity of Costa Rica. One of its key responsibilities is to protect endangered species found in protected areas such as Carara National Park. However, despite their efforts, illegal hunting continues to be a persistent threat to wildlife in this protected zone.

Rescue Operation: Saving a Paca from Poachers

In a remarkable rescue operation, SINAC officials successfully brought a female paca (Cuniculus paca) into the Natuwa Sanctuary. This particular animal had been targeted by illegal hunters who intended to sell it to the highest bidder for consumption. Fortunately, authorities intervened in time, preventing further harm to the defenseless creature.

Evaluation and Rehabilitation: Assessing the Injury and Providing Care

After the paca was rescued, SINAC officials observed an evident injury on one of its hind legs. Recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive care, they quickly organized a thorough evaluation to determine the extent of the damage. X-rays were scheduled to rule out possible fractures, ensuring that appropriate treatment would be administered.

The primary focus now shifts to the rehabilitation process, where wildlife experts at the Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary will work diligently to care for and recover the paca. The injured animal will receive specialized care, including medication, physical therapy, and a carefully planned diet to aid in its recovery. Once the paca has regained its strength and mobility, it will be released into its natural habitat, where it can contribute to conservation efforts in Carara National Park.

In conclusion, the diligent efforts of SINAC officials have not only saved the life of a paca, but also highlighted the continued threats posed by illegal hunting. Through their rescue and rehabilitation operations, institutions like SINAC and sanctuaries like Natuwa are making significant strides in protecting Costa Rica’s unique wildlife and preserving its natural heritage.

Author: Rodolfo Orozco Vega, updated on June 20, 2023, 8:04pm.

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