Racoon ( Procyon Procyon )

A Raccoon was brought to the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA by the Puntarenas security forces. The animal was tied with a leash around its neck. Its captors

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Macaw Sanctuary, Coyote pups

Coyote pups ( Canis latrans )

Coyote pups ( Canis latrans) Two coyote cubs were orphaned after a farmer killed their mother because it hunted their pets – chickens, goats and sheep.

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Environmental education

Tapir Birth (Tapirus bairdii)

Today, our beloved tapir named Bribrí (Tapirus bairdii) has given birth to her new baby. They were 403 days of gestation and the young tapir was born weighing

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Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

  Four barn owl chicks arrived to the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA. Its nest was found in a church in the city of Puntarenas. SINAC officials

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