World turtle day

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World turtle day

World turtle day celebrates one of the oldest organisms on the planet, which can be found on land and in water. Among them, as the turtle drinks from the cover of this article, it is a land turtle that we can find in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, in addition to other localities throughout the country. These animals and due to the ecological restoration carried out by the Sanctuary enjoy an ideal environment for turtles, with vegetation, bodies of water, and the necessary food. These beautiful turtles live wild, while we also provide shelter for exotic turtles.

How many years can a turtle live?

Who worries about turtles?

Where are the most turtles in the world?

Why these topics?

Why are turtles in danger of extinction?

This last week has been celebrated the World Turtle Day

On May 23, the International Turtle Day was celebrated. This day was chosen to increase respect and provide more knowledge to humanity about the oldest creatures in the world, present on land and at sea. After staying on the planet for millions of years, they are disappearing too easily due to numerous reasons.


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