Celebrating Arbor Day in NATUWA Costa Rica

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Happy Tree Day!!

At NATUWA, with the help of the volunteer program, we have created a forest of native Costa Rican trees, such as cocobolo, jenízaro, guayacán, sota caballo, cristobal, rom rom, ceibos, guayabón and others.

The NATUWA Sanctuary has participated in reforestation activities since 2000, and there are still three more hectares to reforest.

Shelter and protection for wild animals and also for humans

Trees are vital for human beings; they provide the enjoyment of a healthy life, along with a lush landscape.

Besides, many animal species benefit from the shelter trees produce, protecting them from the climate elements, and providing food.

The beautiful green giants produce oxygen, purify the water, stop soil erosion, beautify the landscape, and prevent drought. At NATUWA, we love trees, and today is a special day to plant them …


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