Corporate Volunteering at Natuwa: Yamaha as an Example of Conservation and Solidarity

In the heart of Aranjuez, Puntarenas, lies a wildlife sanctuary that resonates with a deep commitment to nature conservation and the care of endangered species. Natuwa, our sanctuary, has become a haven for animals in need and a center of learning and collaboration for those who seek to make a difference. 

Yamaha joins Natuwa

Today, we received an exceptional visit, a clear example of how corporate volunteering can make a significant difference: Yamaha joined us for a day full of enthusiasm, learning, and direct action for nature.

Welcoming Breakfast

The day began with the warmth and hospitality that characterizes our community; a delicious breakfast prepared by the dedicated ladies of Aranjuez welcomed the Yamaha team. This first encounter, full of pleasant conversations and a spirit of camaraderie, served as the perfect prelude to a day full of meaningful contributions.

Environmental Enrichment Project

With the sun rising and nature as a witness, the Yamaha team ventured into the heart of Natuwa to participate in an environmental enrichment project. Tapirs and red and green macaws were the fortunate beneficiaries of this initiative. Through these actions, Yamaha demonstrated its commitment to biodiversity conservation and became an active part of our effort to provide a better home for the species we shelter.

Safety and Supervision

It is crucial to highlight that all these activities were carried out under the strict supervision of our professional wildlife management leaders. Safety is an absolute priority at Natuwa, and as such, all necessary protocols were rigorously followed to ensure the well-being of the animals and the Yamaha team. The Yamaha groups never entered the animal enclosures; instead, they participated outside or in areas like the kitchen, where they could contribute safely and effectively. Only experts and trained professionals had direct access to the enclosures, ensuring that the interactions complied with our high safety and animal care standards.

Lunch and Daily Tasks

After enjoying a lunch that re-energized everyone, the team joined our daily tasks, feeding some of Natuwa’s most emblematic residents, such as jaguars, monkeys, and, of course, our tapirs and macaws. It was a moving and fun sight: people, regardless of their experience in the kitchen, came together for a common cause, learning to prepare the special diets our animals require. Beyond its nutritional value, this act of care represents a bridge of empathy and connection with the natural world.

Teamwork and Commitment

The Yamaha volunteer crew stood out not only for the joy and discipline they brought with them but also for the remarkable teamwork they demonstrated. They understood the importance of carefully preparing the diets, ensuring that each animal receives the necessary nutrients in a balanced manner. Their success in this task not only benefited our animals but also positively impacted our workers and the families that take care of them, strengthening the support network that sustains Natuwa.

Inspiration for Conservation

This corporate volunteering day becomes a powerful narrative of how solidarity and collective action can significantly contribute to nature conservation. Through its participation and enthusiasm, Yamaha helped feed the animals and enrich their environment and stood as a beacon of inspiration for conserving Costa Rica’s natural resources.

At Natuwa, more and more people join our efforts, wishing to learn about our craft and how we care for animals. It is curious to observe how visitors come to Natuwa not only to see animals in captivity but also to actively contribute to improving the animals’ lives, even if only for a few hours. Despite facing challenges such as mosquitoes and physical effort under the tropical sun, their commitment and dedication are inspiring (Love for nature!) and reflect a deep desire to make a difference by stepping outside the comfort of their offices and the city it offers. 

Thanks and Reflections

Yamaha’s visit to Natuwa is a vibrant testimony to what we can achieve when we come together for a greater purpose. It reminds us that every action counts and that everyone, from individuals to large corporations, has a role in protecting our planet. Through solidarity, education, and active commitment, we can continue building a harmonious future where humans and animals coexist.

On behalf of everyone at Natuwa, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to Yamaha and all the volunteers for their invaluable support. Together, we are making a difference, one day and one animal at a time. 

Rodolfo Orozco Vega, Director and founder of Natuwa, Wildlife Sanctuary

Domingo, 7 abril de 2024