Family: Felidae

Scientific name: Leopardus wiedii. 

Distribution: From Mexico to Brasil.

The margay

The caucel is a feline similar to the ocelot but more minor; 11 subspecies are known. They are arboreal, meaning they like to spend most of their lives in the trees, hunting and sleeping, and to adapt to this type of life, they have a long tail and enormous eyes since their prey is obtained mainly in the trees. They can weigh approximately 3.5kg.
Its main curious characteristic is that it can rotate its ankles up to 180 degrees, which helps them go from branch to branch quickly.
It is nocturnal, spending most of the day sleeping in the branches or hollows of trees up to 100 meters high.
It feeds on rodents, monkeys, sloths, lizards, and birds.
It has a gestation period that lasts almost three months, and they give birth to 1 or 2 pups.

History of three legs, the caucel that we host in NATUWA.

Three legs, the caucel was admitted on November 11, 2017; he arrived with an open and infected wound, and one of his front legs had already been amputated. He was in a house, they kept him as a pet, and the feline mutilated himself from so much stress since he lived in a terrarium, a place unsuitable for a bed.

The person who brought him in brought him to be sacrificed. However, the veterinarian decided to give Three Legs a chance at life.

A painful healing process.

Unfortunately, several surgeries were made to rebuild his skin and heal his wound.

However, little by little, he got used to it until his wound healed completely.

Initially, his new life was difficult due to the animal being arboreal. As a result, it was difficult for him to climb and hunt.

Three Legs was very brave and got ahead. He cannot return to his natural environment due to his physical difficulty. He currently lives under the care of the people who work at Natuwa.

Caucel disfrutando de la hamaca

If you want to help our spotted feline friend, you can ask at Reception or write to this number 50688232460.

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