Blue & Gold Macaws

Scientific Name: Ara ararauna
Territory: South America

The Blue and Gold Macaws is another one of the exotic birds that is found here at the Macaw Sanctuary. This macaw is indigenous to South America.

They have habitats in the tropical regions of South America were the climate is warm enough and the trees provide them with enough food. The Blue and Gold Macaws live elatedly with the other macaws in the sanctuary and have almost the same exact diets as the others.

Their diet consists of nuts, seeds fruits and they regularly visit clay licks where they eat minerals to supplement their diet.

The clay helps neutralize the toxins that the food in their diet contains.
These birds have also suffered from habitat loss and extraction from the wild to be sold as pets.

Of all the Macaw species the Blue and Gold is probably the most popular as a pet. They not only have very authentic colors but are very temperate compared to most other macaws.

For these reasons they are very commonly found throughout the world as pets.