Frequently asked questions

    1. What type of work activities are volunteers expected to do?

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  1. How long does it take to NATUWA from the airport?

  2. What should I bring?
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  3. Do I need to know Spanish?
  4. Are there dangerous animals on the property?
  5. Which currency is used in Costa Rica? Do I have to change my money before?
  6. What can I do in my free time?
  7. What is the weather like?
  8. Are there phone and or internet services I can use?
  9. Is there a laundry facility available?
  10. What will I eat? What if I have dietary restrictions?
  11. Can I do an internship at the sanctuary?
  12. What forms of public transport are available in the area?
  13. How much money will I need for activities/transport?
  14. How can I pay?
  15. What days of the week can I arrive? OR   Is there a certain day of the week that I have to arrive?
  16. Is there anything that the sanctuary can use that I can bring with me?
  17. Can I hold a macaw or any other wildlife?
  18. Is there a Hospital, Bank, Supermarket close to the Rescue Center?
  19. Where is the center located?
  20. What is a typical day like?
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  21. What kind of vaccination do I need before arriving?