Ecological Tourism

The Macaw Sanctuary Natuwa has developed a guided, ecotourism experience for the Costa Rican society and international public. This personalized experience allows guests to make interesting observations and have their questions answered. During the guided tours, guests also learn about ecological themes focusing on the conservation of our forests and the protection of Costa Rican fauna.

Along the trails, visitors learn about the animal species that live in the Sanctuary – jaguars, macaws, tapirs, monkies, etc – their natural history and the actual problems that are impacting their extinction.

The ecotourism program also serves as a bridge with the local community, providing job opportunities and economic support so that we can continue to rescue, maintain and rehabilitate the animals.

The tour is exclusively lead by a guide. Before entering the sanctuary, visitors recieve an explanation of the important rules: 1.) Do not touch the animals; 2.) Do not talk to the animals; 3.) Do not feed the animals; 4.) Stay on the trails, etc. These rules are in place as to not cause any stress to the animals and to make the visitor’s experience more enjoyable.

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