Wildlife animal managment

The native animals of Costa Rica are not to be used as pets. Natuwa treats wild species with knowledge and respect.

Costa Rica Animal Wildlife Rescue Center

The Animal Wildlife Rescue Center, recieves confiscated rescue animals from the System of National Areas of Conservation (SINAC), National Police or Fire, and civil society.  The Volunteer program, these organizations and individuals support the rescue, rehabilitation and liberation of the native fauna of Costa Rica. The wildlife center focus on the execution of the processes this confiscated animals need to return again into natural ecosystems.

Refuge and protection

Due to that, for 18 years, NATUWA has been dedicated to creating a place to provide refuge and protection for rescued wildlife. Such as ocelots, tapirs, monkeys, jaguars and some exotic animals, that can not return to their natural environment. Strategically, the center is located remotelly, quiet and far from highways, the 15-hectare property is exclusivelly for the Sanctuary’s activities.

Modern Infrastructure

NATUWA, the bigges Animal Wildlife Rescue Center of Costa Rica
The NATUWA Animal Wildlife Rescue Center provides animals with the largest enclosures in Costa Rica.

The Animal Wildlife Rescue Center has modern infrastructure for each animal rescue species that inhabits the refuge, either temporarily or permanently, this facilities goes beyond the requirements requested by Costa Rican wildlife laws.

At the Sanctuary, the Enclosures generate the space to promote physical and mental health of non-releasable animals rescued. In addition, we manage infrastructure and the largest in Costa Rica, which facilitates the release of the wild animals.

The enclosures of our Animal Wildlife Rescue Center are donut shaped, this allows a continuous flow of flight of the macaws; with a length of 200 meters, these enclosures allow the macaws fly, up to 10 laps continuously; for a total of 1 kilometer of continuous flight. Eventually, the benefits that the macaws obtain are focused primarily on the preparation of the macaws to return to the forest. They have to be self-sufficient to survive on their own in the ecosystem.

Currently the Macaw Sanctuary NATUWA has:
1. Area for keeping animals
2. Neonatal care
3. Veterinary clinic
4. Quarantine zone
5. Food preparation area
6. Residential area
7. Large enclosures that allow uninterrupted flight (200m circumference)

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