Voluntariado en Costa Rica con animales silvestres
Ecological restauration

Happy Tree Day!!!

Happy Tree Day!!! With the help of the volunteer program at NATUWA, we have been able to create a forest of many trees that are

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Tucán esmeralda

Emerald toucanet rescued

The Aulacorhynchus prasinus or Emerald Toucanet Emerald toucanet, last Sunday, May 27, we received a call from a neighbor of the Miramar community of Puntarenas;

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Firefighters Bring Injured Monkey

On the evening of May 12, 2017 firefighters or “bomberos” brought an injured white-faced capuchin monkey (Cebus imitator) to NATUWA. The adult female had been electrocuted

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Zaino (Pecari tajacu)

Officials of the SINAC, enter a female zaino that was confiscated next to a female tepezcuintle, both animals were ready to be consumed as food

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Tepescuintle Cuniculus paca

Officials of SINAC of the Carara National Park enter into the NATUWA Sanctuary a tepezcuintle (Cuniculus paca) female. This was rescued from the hands of

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