Green-wing Macaw

Scientific Name: Ara chloropterus
Territory: South America

The green wing macaw (Ara chloropterus) is a bird species of the parrot family (Psittacidae), of the order Psittaciformes. You will not find them naturally in Costa Rica, as they were introduced to the country in legal or illegal forms. For this reason they can not be set free as they might cause negative environmental impact and danger to the native species.

These large macaws capture the attention for their vivid and spetacular colors and the calls they make while flying. Young ones often are very similar looking that adults, but have a shorter tail.

In general, you will find them in pairs or small groups, usually familial. Sometimes, they associate with other macaws, especially on the ground where they meet in large groups to consume minerals and sands. They feed themselves with seeds, fruits and nuts.